Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oct 2012

We were just back from our 5 weeks out and about with Nellie. I must have run out of Blogging steam. I found Facebook made it easier and then.... here I am over a year later trying to catch up.

We met up with the kids at Conway, for soccer games. Here's our girl Zoie.

Here's our boy Vance. These kids are born athletes.

Nice pose Vance.

Miss Arya our main cheerleader.

Love this girl. Quite the soccer player.
Doesn't Pa look totally handsome with his pink umbrella?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Provo dinner with the Grimmius Clan.

Master Eli. He wasn't too sure about this ol' great Auntie, until I explained, Papa Doug was my brother. After that, he warmed up to his ol' great Auntie.
Finn and Jade. Finn was kinda hungry. When the pizza arrived, he ripped the place mate from under Emma's plate. I cut some pizza crust for him and then he was content.

Maddie and Ezra.
Ezra, Ryan and Finn

Bill and David

Shan and Jakob


Missed a pix of Marisa at the restaurant. Ryan took this. Thanks big guy.

Before we headed to pizza, Emma drew this for me. Thanks Emma.

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Apple picking August 30, 2012

The kids spent the night and were excited to help pick apples. Well, at least for a while, haha. It was funny to watch them reach up, pull an apple loose and then have one volunteer to come loose and whack them on the coconut.

Pa was in charge of the top of the tree picking.
Arya was thrilled to get up in the tree to help. She was this years super helper.

Zoie climbs the tree with ease. We had to remind her not to, "Go out on a limb too far."

Then there's the other tree climber Vance. He love that apple tree. The apple picking priority will be apple sauce. He will come over to help with that project, since he's the main eater of Oma's apple sauce.

Pa and Arya took care of getting all the apples to the wood shop to rest for a while.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island

Arya on the driftwood teeter


Andrew and Vance made a driftwood fort. Arya just had to check it out.

Andrew and Vance checking out their fort.

After lunch we all hiked to the real fort. Here's Vance climbing down from a restored cannon.

Cliff and Vance by a lookout tower.

Arya giving her frowny face. She's a character and wasn't gonna smile no matter what.

Zoie waving from the lighthouse.

Middle to right, Zoie, Vance and Payton.

Payton waving on the right.

Cliff hold up Arya and Payton on the right.

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Today, the 8th, marked one year since Ty died.

We all met at the cemetery today. The girls were in charge of the three flower pots. They did a great job. Zoie helped take the pix.


Vance was in charge of scubbing headstones. Ty is with many of Bill's birth father's family.

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Saturday, July 07, 2012

The girls love walking the dogs. It's really nice that they've reached the point that they don't just let go of the leashes and actually bring the girls back, haha.

I love teaching new tricks. The latest and all the kids like it, is pulling a juicy grass stem out and chewing on it. Carrie's not so excited about it, haha. 

Here Vance is readying to swap his work hat for the his bicycle helmet. He'd been out with Pa on the Kubota, filling pot holes. Pa doesn't have to get of the tractor anymore. Vance drives to a spot. Lowers the scoop. Gets off and grabs his shovel. He loads his shovel with gravel, fills the hole and then stomps on it. Shovel back in the scoop, on board and drives onto the next job. It's really cute. He told Carrie he needed to get to the farm to help Pa fix the road. Now if he doesn't out grow this desire, life will be good..
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